Meet Geoff. He’s a one man band that plays every instrument you can name, and has a penchant for catchy hooks you want to dance to.
Geoff played keys for popular Olympia band Jaugernaut, releasing two LP’s in the late 70’s early 80’s- with a little digging you can still find them on YouTube.
Geoff later moved to OC with Jaugernaut founding member Jim Valentine and formed the band Electric Eyes, 
playing all over the Sunset strip through the 80’s.
The mid 90’s found Geoff playing keys and guitar in popular Disneyland band Instant Replay.
In 2015, Geoff returned back home to Olympia and continued to write and record new music, intending to sell it to up and coming artists. In 2017 he met Heather through a Craigslist ad, and decided they would become the up and coming artist he was looking for.