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100 Bands in 100 Days Presented by Verity Credit Union — Day 89: GoFetch 

 December 20, 2019 NorthWest Music Scene Staff

GoFetch are one of those infectious-on-impact rock bands whose tried and true energy makes you want to grab a frosty beer with one hand while throwing some variant of the devil horns up with the other. Not fronted by so much as electrocuted by lead singer Heather Reynosa, Seattle’s GoFetch snugly occupy a crossroads that most other up-and-comers wouldn’t even think of, let alone execute with such finesse (or lovable lack thereof).

Though the band is self-admittedly indebted to the stadium-sized flair of Heart, with their dive bar-friendly shout-along choruses and mountainous guitar licks courtesy of multi-instrumentalist Geoff Woodhouse, there’s a focal presence of synthesizers and subtle keyboard embellishments throughout their songs, the timbres of which are more reminiscent of indie rock and alternative dance acts from the 2000’s.

A promising single, “Lucky Day,” was unleashed in January of this year, a rowdy and intensely catchy barnburner backed with a four-to-the-floor kick groove, a crunchily distorted hard rock guitar lead, and spongy and playful synthesizers coloring various points of the track. It’s an impressive kickoff to the band’s debut record, Go Figure, released independently in May 2019. From there, the LP refuses to hit the brakes, with tracks such as “Play” and “Flavor of the Day” further mainlining GoFetch’s hard-rocking spunk directly into your veins.

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​Go Figure
self-released; 2019
3.8 out of 5

By Jamie Funk

Geoff Woodhouse and Heather Reynosa are GoFetch. The duo recently released Go Figure which is a twelve-song album that primarily fits into the pop category.

I’d like to get some things out of the way. First off, Reynosa definitely has a set of pipes. She has a lot of range and can go from confident and powerful to subtle and sleek with zero issues. The reason I felt this album is primarily a pop album is because there is a lot of diversity but all the songs felt accessible and would appeal to a large demographic. I often felt like these songs are the kind you would hear on American Idol or The Voice rather than a private art gallery in Brooklyn. As far as pop music goes it certainly seemed to be competitive with some very well known artists.

The band starts with “Lucky Day” which is a pop song with a mix of rock as well as electronic elements. There are distorted guitars but also arpeggiated synths and the song delivers an explosive chorus.

“Sonya” plays more into rock with some attitude from the Led Zeppelin-esque rock riffs but also delivers a funky and catchy chorus. “Where I Wanna Be” isn’t a rock song in the least. This felt like a ballad pop song that was hopeful yet nostalgic. Reynosa’s vocals sound great against the atmospheric elements.

The mood shifts almost too much initially with “Play” which gets into dirty rock. I have to say that the chorus was one of my favorite parts on the album but the verse almost felt like a different song.

There are some solid pop/rock songs such as “Thru” and “Pleasure Den.” “Better Off” is a reflective acoustic ballad that veers towards folk and country. One of the highlights was “Surprise Me” which contains a memorable chorus and an early ’90s alternative vibe. They close with the largely electronic “To Die For.”

The band jumps around so distinctly to different genres and styles like electronic, country ballads and rock that I had a hard time feeling like they established a signature sound. In a lot of ways this feels like a standard debut in that the artist wants to showcase a lot of different styles while paying homage to their influences. If I have one piece of advice being in this business for over twenty years it would be that I would like the band to narrow down on more of a singular sound on their next album.

​Overall, there is certainly boatloads of talent here from the incredible vocal performances to the eclectic music which was diverse but always well done. On top of that I thought there were a number of songs which had a single worthy type of quality. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear one of their songs on the FM dial. Recommended.

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